During our Discovery year, your child will grow in leaps and bounds. From the moment you drop him off in carpool line, your child will practice doing for himself—hanging up his jacket, putting away materials after a lesson, washing hands before snack. She will experience a monumental growth in vocabulary between ages two and three, so we will read lots of books to foster an early love of language. 

In circle time and in the sandbox, he will be developing the social and emotional skills it takes to be part of a group, like sharing and taking turns. And as your young child delights in discoveries around our campus, she will be building the independence and confidence to seek out more new adventures. Just as important, your child will spend his days gently guided by teachers who treasure him. We know children learn best from people who love them. Let your child’s joyful educational journey begin here.


Avid Readers & Writers

What’s in a name? A child’s name is the single most important word in her life. That’s why students’ names serve as the springboard for literacy learning in preschool. By coming to recognize her name—how...

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Master Mathematicians 

How do we determine whose building is taller? Which shape is formed when two congruent right triangles are put together? What do creating a block tower, reading a map, and loading a dishwasher have in...

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Curious Scientists 

In the Discovery program as in life, science is a way of thinking: observing, questioning, predicting, experimenting, collaborating, discovering, and marveling at the world around us. Our Discovery playground, right outside the classroom door, allows...

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Inspired Artists 

Your child holds a brush in each fist as she layers one color on top of another, fascinated by how the colors change as her painting becomes a dark, muddied mass. On the other side...

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After-school programming

After-school learning at ROBS includes Prime Time, our extended-day program, as well as a variety of enrichment classes offered until 6:00 p.m. each day for Readiness – Grade 8.

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