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In the words of the Persian poet Rumi, “Speak a new language so that the world will be a new world.” Children are transformed by speaking a foreign language, so we instruct them in Spanish early and often. Our award-winning Spanish program draws inspiration from our Science curriculum. Fourth graders study how the oceans, deserts, and rain forests form habitats for different animals. Your child will learn about weather and what clothing to wear as the seasons change. 

He will take a virtual trip of Spain, then learn how Christmas is celebrated in Mexico, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico. (Ask him about parrandas!) Fourth graders research a South American country and educate their classmates about its culture: official language, primary cities, religion, food, celebrations, favorite sports, famous people, and more. Even in Spanish class, fourth graders are growing in leadership: They will memorize el Padre Nuestro (The Lord’s Prayer) and lead the Lower School in reciting it during chapel. Yes, your child’s world is changing, growing wider every year.

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