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Citizenship is a core theme of Social Studies, and it permeates the second grade classroom throughout the day. The class contract–developed and adopted by every class citizen–serves as a foundation for expectations of self and others. Your child will explore her personal identity and cultural heritage through family interviews on the origination of her name. She will consider how communities change, sometimes causing people to move.

Your child will discover that just like individuals, communities have problems, and leaders work to solve them. She will learn about voting. Your child will think about the different roles people play in their communities, up to and including the branches of the federal government. Through stories about Economics like The Little Red Hen, your child will learn about the history of money, why people need it, and how societies barter, exchange, and share resources. She will ponder how people use their environment to produce goods and how factories are used to produce them. He will come to understand how one person can make a difference, beginning with good choices and caring for himself and others. Second grade Social Studies exemplifies an overarching philosophy at ROBS: academic lessons and character lessons go hand in hand. 

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