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“WRINKLE-FREE ZONE.” This curious sign greets every second grader at the classroom door—but it’s not about ironing. It’s a reminder to protect your peers from sad, wrinkly faces by being a good citizen. The meaning of citizenship is a core idea in second grade Social Studies. Your child will explore her personal identity and cultural heritage through family interviews and the design of a family crest. She will consider how communities change, sometimes causing people to move.

Your child will discover that just like individuals, communities have problems, and leaders work to solve them. She will learn about voting. Not only will your child think about the different roles people play in their communities; he will experience it himself by taking on various jobs in the classroom. Through stories about Economics like The Little Red Hen, your child will learn about the history of money, why people need it, and how societies barter, exchange, and share resources. She will ponder how people use their environment to produce goods and how factories are used to produce them. He will come to understand how one person can make a difference, beginning with good choices and caring for himself and others. Second graders will transform the 59 “one another” passages in the Bible into posters for our hallways, such as “encourage one another” and “pray for one another.” At the end of the year, your child’s class will produce a “Good Citizen” book testifying to what each of us can do to get along with others. Second grade Social Studies exemplifies an overarching philosophy at ROBS: academic lessons and character lessons go hand in hand. 

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