A group of children playing drums in a room at River Oaks Baptist School


At ROBS, we meld ambitious academics with abiding Christian values, giving our students a strong foundation of mind and heart that will serve them throughout their lives.

Results that Matter

How do we know our approach works? Because we have the results to prove it. Our students perform at the top levels in national and regional academic competitions. And our graduates are wanted by the best high schools in Houston and by some of the nation’s best boarding schools.

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Faith-based Learning

Long before words like grit and citizenship trended in education circles, ROBS championed character and spiritual development as fundamental for academic growth. This is why character and faith lessons are woven throughout curricula.

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The PS-8 Advantage

It’s on the mind of nearly every parent who applies to ROBS: Why choose a school that ends in eighth grade? Actually, there are several great reasons — especially if your starting point is this question:

“What is in the best interest of my child?”

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Lifelong Community

ROBS is a community for life–and not just for the students. A nascent relationship with our families starts from day one.

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Our Students

Who do our students become? View our Portrait of a Graduate profile and learn more about a few ROBS alumni.

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