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Lifelong Community

When you entrust your children to ROBS, you can be certain they’re getting an excellent education. You also know they are learning important values and growing in character. Yet, what sets our school apart even more is what you—the parent—gain from the experience. We are a true community that encompasses every student’s entire family. This is a culture we have purposefully cultivated, and parents tell us it is often a deciding factor when they choose ROBS. 

It takes a village to raise smart, kind kids — parents, teachers, friends, coaches. ROBS is our village. 

Parent education 

Helping a child navigate this world and make good choices takes the best influence of all – good parenting.  

Because of our own education, research, and experience, ROBS is particularly qualified to be a resource for families. Throughout the year, ROBS offers a variety of educational opportunities for parents to help them be better prepared. Programs are led our own faculty and administrators as well as outside presenters who are experts in their fields.

Our programs cover issues ranging from digital citizenship and vaping to grace-based discipline strategies. We apply our expertise in child development to help parents understand what their kids are going through at various ages and stages. And we encourage parents to align their efforts with our own for one simple reason: We know that a common approach between home and school best supports children in learning, in social and emotional development, and in the journey toward independence. 

The ROBS community is our haven. We have made lifelong friends with other parents. Although we have differences, we have the same goals for our children…to raise respectful, responsible, confident, moral citizens with good character and intellectual curiosity. 

Family involvement 

We know children learn in part by observing the adults around them, which is perhaps why our students are so service-minded. Our parent volunteers contribute tens of thousands of hours to ROBS each year, totaling the equivalent of seven full-time employees. Parent engagement not only improves student outcomes, it enriches the entire ROBS experience. Past parents tell us they relish the friendships established while sorting books in the library, serving sandwiches in the lunchroom, or hosting the class party.  

Our volunteer structure intentionally reinforces positive partnerships between school and parents. Every current parent is considered a member of the Parent Association. With more than 2,200 positions ranging in field and scope, parents have flexibility to participate as much or as little as they wish. 

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