Who Will Your Child Become?

Unleashing the potential of the inquisitive learner God made

The courageous thinker

Not just teaching–showing them the way

The confident investigator

Teaching children to believe in the power of their questions

The inspired questioner

Empowering children to embrace their gifts of curiosity and reason

The empathetic leader

Constantly reinforcing the truth that we're all in this together

The exquisite example

Helping children evaluate critically

Ambitious academics rooted in abiding Christian values

Choose Both

Ambitious academics rooted in abiding Christian values

We meld AMBITIOUS ACADEMICS with ABIDING CHRISTIAN VALUES, providing your child with the tools to identify and solve nuanced problems in a changing world. This is why our graduates thrive in Houston's top high schools, some of America's best boarding schools, and beyond.


River Oaks Baptist School: Christian School Houston Texas

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