A Variety of Talent, A Show to Remember

By: Catherine Lewis

This article was written by student-journalist, Catherine Lewis, and was featured in the February 2023 Vol. II issue of the ROBS student-publication: The Raider Review. Journalist Catherine Lewis highlights the ROBS 2023 Variety Showcase and the performers, host(s), and contributors who made this year’s Variety Show a great success.

This year, the Variety Show took place on Wednesday, February 15th in the Holmes Family Gym. There had not been a Talent Show since 2020, so everyone waited with anticipation for the chosen acts to be performed. Forty-one acts tried out with seventy-one people in all, and only thirteen groups/singles made it. The chosen groups and singles had to be the best of the best.

The acts included singing, dancing, and musical performances on instruments including the piano, harp, drums, and guitar. Every participant did his/her best and executed his/her act with excellence.

Contestant Suraj Verma said, “It was a great experience. We practiced the show twice before the real thing and each time we improved. I was amazed at how much talent our school has.” Suraj sang “A Whole New World” from Aladdin with seventh grader, Aris Hanna, and Micah played the piano. They were all incredibly talented and entertaining.

Gus Harkins, guitar player in the band Rock Bottom said, “It was a challenging task to prepare for the Variety Show but I was glad I did it and had fun.” Rock Bottom had players Henry Grace, Bennet Thomas, Grant Hilliard, and Gus Harkins. They played the song “Secret Agent Man.” Each one of them did a spectacular job, and the audience was astounded.

The song “You Say” was sung by Bennet Lee. “It was very enjoyable to perform and challenging to practice,” Bennet said. The song “You Say” is a quite common song, so everyone knew it. Bennett is in Houston Children’s Choir, so singing isn’t new to her. She enjoys singing very much and was happy when the news came to her that she had made it.

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