Lower School

Second Grade

Second grade is the Golden Gate of Lower School. That’s because second grade bridges the foundational skills learned in grades K – 1 with the more developed thinking and application skills used in grades 3 – 4. When you walk the second-grade hallway, you will notice artwork and writing compositions that highlight each student’s unique identity.  

Various opportunities for creative expression are designed to affirm that his or her voice matters. We reinforce this message daily in morning meetings, where your child will work on interacting with her classmates, looking people in the eye, and being a good team member in class. It’s hard to name just a few highlights of the year when there’s so much to love about second grade. Parents might point to the Christmas musical, when they get to watch their children reenact the waiting and wonder of the Christmas story. Most children would probably choose their “bird books”—a beloved interdisciplinary unit that blends artistry and authenticity with deep, passionate learning. Your child’s intellectual, social, spiritual, and moral growth is accelerating. Upstairs, the adventures of third grade await.

Avid Readers & Writers

In their second-grade year, children’s reading and writing skills experience an explosion of growth. Your child will learn to read with stamina and purpose, applying new habits and strategies before, during, and after reading. She...

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Master Mathmaticians

Math is a universal language. The familiar Arabic numbers we use can be understood by someone in another hemisphere, and anywhere on Earth, 2 + 2 = 4. The universality of math is one of...

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Curious Scientists

If your child likes mysteries, she’ll love second grade science! Alongside faith, science is our attempt to understand the longest-running mystery we know: how the universe came to be and how we as humans fit...

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Global Citizens

Citizenship is a core theme of Social Studies, and it permeates the second grade classroom throughout the day. The class contract–developed and adopted by every class citizen–serves as a foundation for expectations of self and...

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Buenos Amigos

Common courtesy is a recurring theme of the second-grade year, even in Spanish class. Your child will begin the year learning the language of greetings. During Hispanic Heritage Month, your child will research a topic...

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Inspired Artists

Led by experienced art educators, second graders try their hand at weaving after studying the ancient Mexican craft. Students create original works in the dedicated art studio as part of their six-day class rotation. Your...

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Spiritual Learners

If you’re a parent with a faith of your own, it’s probably important to you to instill character-building, faith-growing practices in your child’s habits. Being responsible for developing someone else’s faith may feel like an...

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After-school programming

After-school learning at ROBS includes Prime Time, our extended-day program, as well as a variety of enrichment classes offered until 6:00 p.m. each day for Readiness – Grade 8.

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