Lower School

Fourth Grade

Fourth grade represents a summit at ROBS. There is much to celebrate this year as fourth graders become our leaders of Lower School. Fourth grade purposefully offers kids abundant opportunities to grow in responsibility and leadership. Using Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, students reflect on the qualities of changemakers like Malala Yousafzai, Michael Jordan, and JJ Watt. 

Fourth graders lead the cherished rituals in Lower School Chapel such as the flag procession, the pledge of allegiance, and the Lord’s Prayer. For the past four years, your child has experienced the buddy program as the younger student. Now he steps into the role of older buddy, emulating the older ROBS students he admires. Switching classrooms in the middle of the day—with one teacher for Math and Social Studies and another for Language Arts—provides students valuable yet gradual preparation for fifth grade. More than two-thirds of the class will run for Student Council, delivering courageous campaign speeches to their classmates. This year, fourth graders are consolidating all they have learned academically, socially, and emotionally. Your heart will swell with pride at who they are becoming. At school as in life, just as we’re mastering one phase, another one comes along. Middle School awaits…

Avid Readers & Writers

Fourth graders experience the joy of reading and analyzing great books together, both as a class and through small-group book clubs. Each student has latitude to select novels with strong personal appeal. Popular selections come...

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Master Mathematicians

If you walked into a fourth-grade classroom, you might not realize math lessons were in full swing. Pairs of students might be building an elaborate structure from cardboard boxes, cylinders, and spheres, then writing and...

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Curious Scientists

Fourth-grade Science generates endless discoveries through inquiry and engaging, hands-on work. Students will explore how motion can be transferred between objects by setting up chain reactions of cups, dominoes, or popsicle sticks. What happens when...

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Global Citizens

What prompts people to leave home for a different way of life? Fourth graders explore this profound question across centuries of American history. As your child learns about America’s indigenous peoples, she will learn how...

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Buenos Amigos

In the words of the Persian poet Rumi, “Speak a new language so that the world will be a new world.” Children are transformed by speaking a foreign language, so we instruct them in Spanish...

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Inspired Artists

The arts play an essential role in our curriculum. Kids unleash creativity while learning the value of practice and self-discipline. And they grow in confidence and poise as they overcome the butterflies associated with public...

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Spiritual Learners

We say at ROBS that faith is the air we breathe. The foundation of our spiritual and character curriculum consists of Chapel, Bible class, daily devotionals, and prayer. Weekly Chapel combines joy and reverence. Through...

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After-school programming

After-school learning at ROBS includes Prime Time, our extended-day program, as well as a variety of enrichment classes offered until 6:00 p.m. each day for Readiness – Grade 8.

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