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Middle School in Houston, Texas

Who will your child become? Let’s find out together. Our Middle School program thoughtfully stewards our students’ transformation from children to teens. We love this important stage in a young person’s life, with all the intellectual, physical, and social-emotional changes it brings. The burst of neural activity during this window makes Middle School a prime time to embrace new experiences and pursue bigger challenges.

As we continue to build a strong academic foundation, we also offer myriad opportunities for your child to explore—on the sports field, in the arts studio, behind the camera, in the Maker Space, and on stage. You will watch your child blossom in our well-planned balance of nurture and challenge, responsibility and support. At ROBS, we are devoted to preparing children for all that comes next.

Because our preschool – eighth grade trajectory is an essential part of our “secret sauce,” we delight in supporting you and your child through the high school selection process. Our goal? Helping you and your child find that “best fit” school, and we do. Year after year, our graduates matriculate into Houston’s best high schools and some of the nation’s finest boarding schools.

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Healthy Adolescents

Intuitively, parents know that a heavy academic load does not equate to healthy adolescence. Yes, we are proud of our ambitious academic program—and we believe there are crucial outcomes for our students that are just...

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Self-assured Leaders

Leadership takes many forms. It can be a student picking up trash in the hall so his class can retain the privileges they enjoy. It can be a shy new student who finds her voice...

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Intrepid Innovators

Call it continuous improvement or building a better mousetrap. Businesses thrive on innovation. How will your child learn to generate new ideas? Through open-ended assignments without any instructions. Engineering projects using the design-thinking process pioneered...

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Discerning Truth-seekers

Data in the digital universe doubles every two years. With so much biased or unvetted information on the internet, how do we know what sources are reliable or what’s true? Digital literacy is a life...

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Supported Learners

The Middle School years are a time of explosive growth for children. That’s why we keep a close eye not only on academic progress, but also on students’ social and emotional wellbeing. Our Middle School...

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Empowered Samaritans

A deep dedication to service education is woven into the cultural fabric of our school. Grounded in Jesus’s commandment that we love our neighbors as ourselves, students at every grade level grasp the importance of...

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Experienced Problem-solvers

Tackling difficult physics concepts as the teacher asks probing questions. Negotiating several possible directions for a group project and navigating the social dynamics to achieve the goal. Solving a practical dilemma like how to do...

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Kind Friends

We know friendships are vital to children’s wellness. Friends help one another develop socially, emotionally, and morally and learn to negotiate conflicts that arise in relationships. Having friends even affects children’s academic performance by creating...

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Eager Participants

“In life, be a participant, not a spectator,” Lou Holtz said. At ROBS, we offer a multitude of options in which Middle School students can participate. Sports like basketball, cross country, field hockey, football, golf,...

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Standout Graduates

ROBS graduates are wanted by the best high schools in Houston and by some of the nation’s best boarding schools. Choosing that school is a big deal. And we delight in supporting our soon-to-be graduates...

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