Actin’ Out: A Hair Raising Mystery

This article was featured in the River Oaks Baptist School student publication, The Raider Review. Eighth grade student journalist Mimi W. spotlights students grades 7th-8th in their performance of the one-act play “A Hair Raising Mystery”; written and directed by Middle School Theatre Arts teacher Luke Wrobel.

One Act Play is an elective taken by seventh and eighth graders who perform a forty-five minute play at the end of the trimester. This trimester the play took place on February 21st and 22nd in the Peterson Blue Box Theatre. The play was directed and written by Mr. Wrobel with the help of stage manager Bentley Beich and assistant stage manager Miri D’Cruz.

“They’re both incredible,” said Mr. Wrobel. He has been a theater teacher at ROBS for six years.

While Mr. Wrobel wrote the play, Beich and D’Cruz helped with casting and the production. Behind the scenes of the plays or musicals, Beich and D’Cruz help with the setting, lights, and mics. They both said that they love working together and enjoy assisting with the shows. D’Cruz said, “It has really fun being a stage manager, I love doing behind the scenes work and getting to know the cast.”

The one act play is about a group of middle schoolers that are solving the case of a lost stuffed bunny, which explains the punny title, A Hare-Raising Mystery. Evan Williams created the title. Mr. Wrobel stated that the entire cast has big roles and the people solving the case are Sebastian Frantz, Elizabeth Brantley, and Vivian Connelly. The victim is Charlie Wise. This year Mr. Wrobel is writing the whole play from beginning to end. He said,

“It’s been fun! It’s been a long process because I’ve never had to write for so many characters, but I feel like it’s going to be funny and entertaining. We’ll see!”

It certainly was! Congrats, cast and crew!

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