Financial Assistance

We recognize that paying full tuition may be difficult. Our financial assistance program is designed to promote the development of a richly diverse student population that enhances the quality of a ROBS education and to allow for the continued enrollment of students whose families experience an economic hardship or a substantial change in income or expenses that might prevent continued enrollment.

ROBS uses School and Student Services (SSS), part of Community Brands, to process applications. Based on reported financial information, SSS calculates an estimated amount a family would be expected to contribute to educational expenses. This information is used by our Financial Aid Committee to ensure fair and objective decisions. We invite families to speak with Marguerite McHard in our business office about our philosophy and policies for financial assistance.

A diverse and inclusive school community provides the best learning environment for all students.

Funds are limited, so it’s important to begin the application process early. Application for financial aid does not imply or ensure enrollment. Although River Oaks Baptist School seeks to meet the needs of all families who qualify, financial aid funds are limited and only available for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Applications submitted after March 1 will be prioritized in date-received order, and funds will be allocated on a first-come basis. There is a possibility that funds will not be available to late applicants even though need exists.

Assistance FAQ

What is financial assistance?

Financial aid is a grant, not a loan. It does not need to be repaid. It is awarded based on a family’s financial need. Grants are awarded for one year only. Families must reapply each year. Aid is not guaranteed, even to families who qualify. In most cases, ROBS will ask families to pay some amount towards their child’s tuition.

How is financial aid funded?

The money comes from ROBS’ annual operating budget. Our total financial aid budget for 2023-24 was $1,391,849. Tuition funds most financial aid. A portion of the School’s endowment is designated for financial aid. This year, earnings from the endowment covered $92,300 of aid. Other sources of revenue fund the balance.

Who is eligible for financial aid?

Applicants for Kindergarten through eighth grade are eligible. Prekindergarten siblings of students currently enrolled in grades K -8 are also eligible. To be considered for financial aid, a child’s application for admission must be complete.

What expenses are covered by financial aid?

Tuition, student fees, tablet PC package in grades 6-8, new student fee, Prime Time, lunch fee, athletic fees, fine arts fees, and Preschool and Lower School supplies are covered. Expenses not covered by financial aid include uniforms, testing, and tutoring.

How much financial aid does ROBS award?

In 2023-24, 10% of eligible students received financial aid. The average financial aid grant was $16,570. The average grant covered 64.2% of total ROBS expenses. Grants awarded for 2023-24 covered from 19% to 95% of total ROBS expenses.

Who received financial aid in 2023-24?
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Who gets priority in financial aid decisions?

Returning students on financial aid, returning students new to financial aid, and new students requiring financial aid receive priority.

How does the application process work?

ROBS uses a third party, School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS), to collect data and evaluate applications. Applications must be submitted online via A $55 application fee is paid to SSS. Customer service is provided by SSS.

A copy of parents’ income tax return(s), along with all schedules and W-2’s, is uploaded electronically to SSS. New applicants must submit two years of tax information. (Tip: Prepare your taxes early.) Examples of other required information: value of home, if owned; other assets; debts; size of family; age of parents. For parents who are divorced, financial information is required from both parents. Notify ROBS if there are extenuating circumstances.

If one parent of a two-parent family is able to work but is not working, $24,000—representing what someone working full-time could be earning—will be added to the calculation of family income. However, this amount will not be added if the family either has a child who is not yet in Kindergarten or has a disabled family member who requires care.

How are grants determined?

SSS determines a family’s discretionary income: Income minus expenses. Assets minus debts. Household size.

SSS recommends what portion of discretionary income is available for education. The School verifies information provided by the family. ROBS awards aid based on the Financial Aid Committee’s determination of a family’s eligibility for assistance, ability to contribute, and how much money is available from the financial aid budget.

Who serves on ROBS’ Financial Aid Committee?

– Head of School – Leanne Reynolds
– Associate Head of School for Operations – Paul Mayhew
– Director of Admission & Enrollment Management – Kealey Johnson
– Business Office Financial Manager – Marguerite McHard

Who has access to financial aid information?

Information in financial aid applications is kept strictly confidential and is known only to members of the Financial Aid Committee. Financial aid decisions are separate from all other functions of the School, including admission decisions. Names of students receiving financial aid are only known by the necessary support staff in the Business Office and Office of Admission & Enrollment Management.

What is the timeline?

Begin the process of applying for financial aid early (we suggest by December). Completed applications are due to SSS by March 1, 2024. Missing this deadline could result in reduced aid or no aid. Admission decisions are made in mid-March. Financial aid grant award letters are mailed after spring break so parents can accept or decline a spot by the Common Reply Date.

How are deposits and payments handled?

A $500 tuition deposit and $500 new student fee are due when a family accepts a place for a student. The balance of both fees may be combined with tuition and paid in one, two, or nine installments. Service charge fees for installment payments are waived for financial aid recipients. If paying in nine installments, automatic debit forms with the exact monthly obligation will be sent in May.

Need more information?

– Call Marguerite McHard in the Business Office at 713-623-6938 ext. 309
– Visit for webinars, an ebook, and more resources explaining financial aid.
– Call the Parents’ Financial Statement Application Helpline at (800) 344-8328.

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