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Back In Business: ROBS Young Entrepreneurs

This article was featured in the River Oaks Baptist School student publication, The Raider Review. Written by 8th grade student journalist Evan W. Entrepreneurship, an elective added to the Middle School curriculum as of last year, highlights the ins-and-outs of business development for students grades 7-8.

Entrepreneurship is a new elective offered at Robs since last year. The class teaches students the basics of and how to manage a successful business.

In the class, they get to create a business of their own and sell products to paying customers.
One business in particular, Snackshack, founded by Oliver W. and Josh J., has been making money by selling snacks and drinks to people at UCAL. They were inspired to created the business through the entrepreneurship elective. The two stated,

“We felt accomplished nourishing the young and growing bodies of our youth here at ROBS.”

-Oliver W. (7) and Josh j. (7)
ROBS student standing in front of a projector screen

Their expected profit is around 800 – 1000 dollars. But they are not keeping all of the proceeds for themselves. To give back to the community that supports them, they have decided to donate 5% of all their profit to the Food Bank. “I feel like our business can have a deeper effect on the community,” quotes Josh, one of the co-founders of Snackshack. “The ultimate goal of our business is to inspire the school community through feeding and satisfying the players, parents, and special friends at
the games.

Another business, Pops, founded by Bentley B. and Savannah P. sell and take cake pop orders from ROBS students. Co-founder, Bentley B., shared,

A student and teacher standing in front of a projector screen in a classroom at River Oaks Baptist School

“Savannah and I both love to bake, and we thought it would be a great idea to sell cake pops during break. Through our business, I hope I can inspire to be creative and open their own business.”

Bentley B. (8)

Although it might be complicated that the two are in different grades, they would love to continue their business. Their company makes a little over a dollar for each cake pop they sell and gets to keep most of the money they make.

This class is for the aspiring entrepreneurs who have an idea about a business but don’t know how to start it. This class is for the students who want to take a fun class with the support from both Mrs. Reynolds and Dr. Herauf. This is class is for the future in business and entrepreneurship at River Oaks Baptist School.

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