Belonging At ROBS

From the Head of School & Board Chair

Dear Friends of ROBS,

ROBS occupies a singular place in Houston’s educational landscape – academically challenging, unapologetically playful, heartily competitive, joyfully Christian. It’s a powerful alchemy of mission and culture, and it speaks to the community that harvests it.

In the following pages, you’ll discover inspiring stories of this very community—from new families like Nancy Sahota and Tej Singh, to devoted past parents like Johnny Carrabba, and even alumni like Alexandra and Brady Knight, who returned to ROBS as parents themselves. They represent the tip of an ever-growing iceberg. Today, we’re proud to share that 101 alumni are parents of current students, and 18 alumni and 25 parents of alumni are contributing to our success as valued members of our staff. They are a testament to the enduring bonds formed at ROBS.

What draws so many people back to campus? The answer, they tell us, is a profound sense of acceptance, respect, and support at ROBS—a place where they truly belong. Recent research in neuroscience and education underscores the significance of belonging. Experiencing belonging triggers, the release of oxytocin, which produces feelings of caring, compassion, and love, while exclusion activates the same neural pathways as physical pain.

Studies reveal that students who feel a strong sense of belonging at school are more motivated, engaged, and resilient. Their mental health, emotional stability, and self-esteem increase. Not surprisingly, this translates into better academic performance. The research validates what our School’s leaders seemed to recognize intuitively many decades ago: the inseparable link between subjective experiences and objective outcomes.

Fostering a culture of belonging at ROBS doesn’t happen by accident; it is a deliberate, active process. With words and deeds, every member of our community, whether they are parents, teachers, staff, students, alumni, past parents, grandparents, or members of ROBC, plays a vital role in this endeavor. Your generosity sustains our mission. Your prayers bring hope and wisdom. Your outstretched hand builds a more inclusive community. This report is a grateful “thank you” for all you do for ROBS. With your support and God’s grace, our future is bright.


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