A new Middle School building project at River Oaks Baptist School

Construction Corner: We Hit 3 New Milestones

Our new Middle School building project has reached three new milestones this month. Slated to be complete in time for the 2020-21 school year, the ROBS community is eagerly anticiapating every step toward moving in day.

The Building Is Taking Shape

It will take about two months to put the steel frame of the building together, so, by late October, you will be able to see the skeleton of the entire building. In the construction industry, the finishing of the steel frame is celebrated with a “topping off” party when the last piece of steel is put in place. The construction workers typically celebrate with placing a small tree or token at the top of the structure, or, in our case, a bible verse.

Mr. Beam Has Arrived

Speaking of beams….after being covered with special messages by Ms. Dunn’s kindergarten class last year and making its long trek across town, our Mr. Beam (aka the main beam that will help hold up the new Middle School building) is finally here. Welcome home, Mr. Beam!!! #liveloved1920

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