A group of 7th-grade young boys students standing on top of a soccer field at River Oaks Baptist School

One Goal, One Team – 7th Grade Boys’ Soccer

This article was featured in the River Oaks Baptist School student publication, The Raider Review. Written by 8th grade student journalist Gus H., the article highlights the highs-and-lows of the 7th grade Boys Soccer team during the Winter 2022-2023 season.

The 7th Grade Boys’ Soccer team had an improved season going 6-5. Coming from the previous record of zero wins, we can all agree that the 7th Grade season would be given the “Most Improved” award. Something we can all agree on is that the team could not have done it without the coaches. Coach Martin and Coach Bourgeois led the boys to an amazing upgrade to a record of 6-5.

They faced incredibly challenging teams, not getting the win but giving them a hard fight. They also faced some teams that would be considered “Not as Challenging,” and they did not let the fans down by winning most of the games. The team participated in a tough tournament, with great teams such as Awty and Ziad Academy. Winning their first 2 games against AOS and Kinkaid, their team ended up in the championship. Giving Awty a tough fight till the end, 7th grade sadly ended in 2nd place losing 5-1.

A group of young boy students playing a game of soccer at River Oaks Baptist School

To get some more inside information, we interviewed star player Mac S., and star coach, Coach B. First, we interviewed Coach B. Coach B is the Assistant coach to the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade soccer teams. He used to play left wing for three professional teams called Heartson, OKC Energy, and a team from the Netherlands. He has been playing soccer for 13 years now. He used to practice 7 hours a day before, but now he practices for 3 hours a day, due to being a coach. We asked him a few questions about the season itself. He thought that I, Gus H., and Peyton P. were the most improved this season, from playing basketball to being starters in soccer. His favorite memory of the season was finally beating Kinkaid in the tournament, 4-1. His favorite field to play on was the R.O.B.S. field because of the fans and the people there. He said,

“Soccer is 1,000 times better than basketball for a winter sport, and everyone
should try it.” He also said, “I am very proud of this team coming from 0 wins to 6-5 and a 2nd place trophy.”

Destin Bourgeois, Boys Soccer Coach

Then, we interviewed Mac S. Mac is a player for the 7th Grade Soccer Team and plays
striker. Mac thought that Henry G. improved the most over the season playing Left Back. His favorite
memory was getting 2nd place in the tournament against AWTY. His favorite field to play on was the ROBS field where he scored his first goal of the season against AOS. Mac improved over the season by practicing ball skills, dribbling, and passing. To the question about losing to AWTY in the championship he said,

“I’m a little upset about the loss but I’m very happy and proud to make it to the finals.” To the question about leading the team in goals, he said, “I’m very proud and appreciative of my teammates who set
me up for the goals.”

To improve, Mac says that he plans to practice his PK shots.

A young boy student kicking a soccer ball on a field at River Oaks Baptist School

In conclusion, the ROBS 7th Grade Soccer team had some highs and lows for the season. As the players continue to develop, we hope for a very strong and prosperous 8th Soccer Team next year for the HJPC Championship.

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