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Raider Wins Cross Country Conference Championship

December 2019 – ROBS Journalism students write, edit, design, and produce The Raider Review, a quarterly publication distributed school-wide. In the latest issue, editor Austin Howes reports on eighth grader Tori Livingstone’s cross country victory and her outlook on what makes a champion.

Tori Livingstone Wins Conference

It was a chilly Friday in mid-October at Burroughs Park, and many people were watching 89 contestants run a two-mile race. Spectators waiting at the finish line were not expecting much action for another few minutes when suddenly, someone appeared through the trees. Tori Livingstone ‘20 was almost done with the two-mile run. The race clock read 11 minutes and 51 seconds. The second-place runner was more than 30 seconds behind.

According to the magazine Health, the average women’s mile time is 10 minutes, but Tori can run one in almost half that time. She is one of ROBS’s best performing athletes. She has been the Houston Junior Preparatory Conference (HJPC) Champion in Cross Country for the past 3 years (6th, 7th, and 8th grade).

“Winning felt rewarding because it proved that all the hard work paid off.”

– Tori Livingstone on winning the championship three years in a row.

She has also been undefeated for these three years. “Winning felt great because it proved that all the hard work paid off,” said Tori. The star athlete values the importance of a strong work ethic. “Without it (a strong work ethic), I couldn’t have trained hard enough to get good results,”
she said.

Tori emphasized that many people contributed to her success. One of her biggest supporters is Head Cross Country Coach Teresa Neighbors. “Coach Neighbors has contributed greatly to my success in so many ways. She has shaped me into the runner I am today,” Tori said. “Sometimes
when she pushes us or gives us a really hard work-out, I want to quit, but I remember that she knows what is best for us.” Coach Neighbors says she admires Tori’s hard work and accomplishments, but added that the season isn’t technically over yet. “Tori’s headed to Tennessee AAU Cross Country Nationals on December 7,” Neighbors said.


Along with her cross-country achievements, Tori is also a track star. She has won the HJPC Championship for the past two years (6th and 7th grade) and will race to maintain the title in the spring. She is the ROBS record holder for the 800m, the 1200m, and the 1600m races. Her record times were 2:28.23, 4:09.96, and 5:26.87, respectively. She was also a part of the record-holding 4×400 relay which scored a time of 4:23.31.

She has won many HJPC track events. In sixth grade, she won the 800m race and the 1200m
race, and in seventh grade, she won the 800m race and the 1600m race. A 4×400 relay which she was part of also won. Tori has ambitious goals for the upcoming season. “I’m hoping to win the championship again this spring in the 800m, the 1600m, and the 4×400,” she told us.

Many may think that Tori’s success comes largely from talent, but she disagrees. “It’s the combination of hard work, perseverance, and people to support you,” she said.

Austin Howes is the Raider Review News editor. Click here to read the latest issue of Raider Review.

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