Raiders Rock The Runway: A Look Into ROBS Fashion

This article was featured in the River Oaks Baptist School student publication, The Raider Review. Written by 8th grade student journalist Kathleen B., who shares some of the popular outwear and brands worn by Middle School students here at ROBS.

With limited dress code options, ROBS students have found new alternative outerwear. At the beginning of the year, new policies were added to the dress code, including only eighth-grade students’ being allowed to wear non-ROBS outerwear. Sweatshirts for eighth graders had to have small logos and solid colors. Eighth graders have stepped up their fashion game, and stylish sweatshirts have been spotted throughout campus.

After interviewing multiple eighth graders, it became clear that they love having the opportunity to stylize their outfits.

“I love being able to wear my choice of sweatshirts at school,” Graham J. said.
“We get to wear comfortable sweatshirts that are also cute,” stated Alex J.

-Graham J. (8) and Alex J. (8)

Students Graham Johnson and Alex Jordan agreed that accessorizing can make a boring outfit spectacular and adds personality and uniqueness.

“It adds your own styles and shows uniqueness, while still staying comfortable,” said Alex J. Graham J. added, “It makes you one of a kind.”

They all agreed that sweatshirts add comfort and individuality. We are so thankful for this eighth-grade privilege!

Popular Sweatshirt Options

  • Scubas from Lululemon
  • Nike
  • Lacoste
  • Kith
  • Aviator Nation
  • He Would Love First
  • Elevated Faith
  • Goat
  • Patagonia

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