ROBS Yearbook Team Wows National Publisher

The 2019-20 River Oaks Baptist School yearbook has been chosen by Balfour Publishing as a national sample.

Each year, Balfour designates and runs a small number of yearbooks for use at yearbook training workshops across the country and by Balfour representatives in their selling efforts. The number of books chosen is estimated at less than 25, with only a couple being from middle schools. 

“Congratulations for being included in this very select group; it represents fewer than 3 percent of the publications Balfour will produce this year,” said Mike Parker from the Balfour team.

Books are chosen after looking at the previous two years of a school’s publications and the cover/theme of the current book. 

“While we can’t disclose anything about this year’s cover or theme,” said yearbook adviser Mrs. Edwards, “I’m thrilled for our editors and other staff members who created this concept during our summer workshop in June.  The strength of our program coupled with this outstanding cover obviously caught Balfour’s attention and we are honored with this selection.”

Congratulations to Co-Editors Lucy Katz and Mary Caroline Sudduth, Asst. Editor Eloise Klaasmeyer, and staff members Jackson Herauf, Mary Shepherd, Halle Roy, and Zoe Chung.

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