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The Atlantic: Stop Trying to Raise Successful Kids

The research continues to reinforce what ROBS has always championed—that character matters. Not only does it matter; it improves achievement. “Boys who are rated as helpful by their kindergarten teacher earn more money 30 years later. Middle-school students who help, cooperate, and share with their peers also excel—compared with unhelpful classmates. They get better grades and higher standardized-test scores.

The eighth graders with the greatest academic achievement, moreover, are not the ones who got the best marks five years earlier; they’re the ones who were rated most helpful by their third-grade classmates and teachers. And middle schoolers who believe their parents value being helpful, respectful, and kind over excelling academically, attending a good college, and having a successful career perform better in school and are less likely to break rules.”

Check out this article in the upcoming December issue of The Atlantic about the value of raising children to be kind.

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