A collage of images of people in 2022

Welcome 2022!

2022 is here, especially in Mrs. Edwards’ Digital Art class. The first assignment of the new year found students placing images in text using Photoshop. Students were asked to put their own spin on the new year by filling in each digit with something they’re looking forward to in 2022. Eighth grader Riley M. shares her artwork with us below:

A collage of images of people in 2022

The first “2” represents my trip to Puerto Rico, and the traveling I will be doing in 2022. I am very excited to see the bioluminesant water and sea animals in Puerto Rico.

The “0” represents my time at camp. My summer camp means a lot to me, and I am so excited to go this year, as I do every summer. I look forward to spending time with my friends and having fun in nature.

The second “2” represents my first year of high school. I am super excited because I feel it will be a great fresh start to meet more friends, have more independence, and to grow in my learning. I love cheer and tumbling, so I can’t wait to continue in high school.

The last “2” represents my relationship with God. He is above everything in my life. I learned to trust God and know that everything happens for a reason. In 2022, my top goal is to continue to strengthen my relationship with God and to know that Jesus is always in control.

Happy 2022 from all of us at ROBS!

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