A group of young students at River Oaks Baptist School

Welcome to ROBS: New Raiders Share Their Experience

This article was featured in the River Oaks Baptist School student publication, The Raider Review. Author and 8th grade student journalist Bennett L. interviews first-year students; sharing their experience and how they adapted to daily life at ROBS.

It is known that changing schools can be hard, especially in middle school. Students must make new friends, get used to new teachers, and find their way around a new setting. So, several new students have been asked about their experience of changing schools.

Jeffery W. said that he came to ROBS because he disliked his old school, and it felt effortless with his friend Ian who also switched with him. He said,

“Having Ian was helpful because I had a built-in friend.”

Jeffrey W. (7)

What was most difficult for Jeffrey was fitting in and making new friends, and the application process was tough, but now he says that he is enjoying ROBS and loves it. Ian P., Jeffery’s friend, said he changed schools because his old school was not the best fit for him. The switch was uncomplicated for Ian with the help of his new friendships with Nico L. and Beau B. Still, it was hard for him because he had to get familiar with a new place and new friends, but he is thriving in the ROBS community now. His favorite thing about ROBS now is that he can easily join an athletics team and learn the game without people
bringing him down.

Jeffery W of River Oaks Baptist School
Bella P, Student of River Oaks Baptist School

Ian’s twin sister, Bella P., also transitioned with him. Bella says she changed schools because, like Ian, her last school was not a good fit for her. Her biggest trouble was adjusting to the new community and building relationships with unknown people, but Bella says she loves her new friends, and she is thriving now.

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