Houston transplants Nancy Sahota and Tej Singh talk about what drew them to ROBS, what it’s like as a new family, and why they have made the School a philanthropic priority.

Meet Nancy Sahota, Tej Singh, and their sons Henry ’29 and Hugo ’34. They represent a new generation of families who are stepping up so ROBS continues to thrive. Nancy and Tej moved from Toronto to Houston shortly before the Covid pandemic began. Tej had been travelling back and forth for work, and the couple wanted to test drive a new hometown while Nancy was on maternity leave. Although neither was sure the move would be permanent, they fell in love with Houston and decided to put down roots.

Finding the right school for their family became a high priority. Nancy and Tej had a mental checklist for their search, refined as Henry attended multiple schools by the time he was in Kindergarten. They wanted a nurturing, faith-based environment with a focus on holistic development, not just academics. They wanted their children to build lifelong relationships and lasting memories. They wanted a safe environment that helps kids cultivate confidence by exploring their interests, taking risks, and challenging themselves. As
new Houstonians, they also hoped to find an engaged community where they could get involved, contribute, and help shape the experience for other students and families, as well as their own.

After investigating many options, they only applied to one school: ROBS. They understood why friends and acquaintances spoke of ROBS with such enthusiasm when they saw the attention to detail throughout the admission process. They were particularly moved by the power of parent-led tours—and the School’s belief that parents could be trusted to tell its story well. “We were certain this was where we wanted to be and decided to keep applying until we got in,” said Tej. They didn’t have to wait long. Henry was accepted into second grade right away, and Hugo is joining his brother this fall as a Readiness student.
Nancy and Tej call their first year at ROBS
“phenomenal” and say it continues to exceed their
expectations. Henry wakes up excited to go to school
every day and has made friendships that extend beyond
school. The couple felt a true partnership with Henry’s
teacher, who approached feedback as a continuous

conversation about his development throughout the year. They found administrators accessible, open, and responsive. “Everything is up for discussion, and that builds trust in the School’s leaders, both in and out of the classroom,” said Tej.

Because Nancy works remotely from home, she has valued getting to know other parents by volunteering in the cafeteria and library and having breakfast at school often. “Everyone has been so warm and inclusive. Connection and community are the cornerstone of ROBS. The School is intentional about creating spaces where people can connect, at whatever stage they may be in their journey with the School,” she said. Tej agrees: “ROBS is full of thoughtfulness. Having seen many schools and benchmarks, I think the teachers and administrators at ROBS are world class.”

Nancy and Tej say that thoughtfulness extends to the School’s development efforts, which emphasize gratitude for families’ gifts of both time and treasure. They approached their Annual Giving gift as an expression of the School’s impact on their family. “We’ve gotten so much joy from being part of this community and seeing its impact on Henry. We want to contribute in every way we can,” said Nancy. The Singhs have found that joining the giving community at ROBS creates special connections with alumni and other school families. “Through donor events, we’ve met alumni, past parents, and parents of students in other grades. We’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to be mentored by families who are willing to share their experiences and provide us sound guidance on future educational decisions,” said Tej. They describe those new relationships as an unexpected gift.

With people like the Singh family who understand and value the ethos of the School, ROBS’ future is in good hands. “We felt connected to the School from day one. Our experience with all aspects of the School has allowed a family from out of the country to feel like we’re part of a larger community,” said Nancy. The Singhs look forward to all the ways in which their boys and they will benefit from and contribute to the vibrant culture of the School.

“Our approach to life is ‘go all in and make it count, that’s easy to do at ROBS. We’re so proud to be a part of the School.”

Tej Singh

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