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Students may read about social injustice in history class, but singing, painting, or enacting it on stage can change the way they see the world. The arts serve as a pathway to empathy, creativity, problem-solving, and resiliency. We aim for students to leave ROBS as knowledgeable, literate, and life-long appreciators of art in all its forms.

More than “end result” performances and projects, students learn how to reflect on their world and their place in it by experiencing art. As they work together in arts classes, students build relationships. As they engage in arts classes, they immerse themselves in sounds, sights, and lives different than their own. As they struggle with a skill, concept, or delivery, leaning into the cycle of fail-adjust-try again-repeat, they finally experience success. Our dream of a rich array of arts offerings has become a reality thanks to the extraordinary new arts spaces in the Mosing Middle School Building. We want your child to try her hand at both studio and performing art. Serious artists also will have opportunities to study their chosen artform at a much deeper level. All seventh and eighth graders may choose up to five electives from among 15 arts offerings ranging from Drawing and Ceramics to Pop Choir and Theatre Intensive. 

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