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Eighth grade mathematics at ROBS consists of three course offerings: Algebra IB, Algebra IB Honors, and IMAGe II Honors. Algebra IB and Algebra IB Honors complete a two-year algebra program that began in seventh grade. In both courses, students continue to hone their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills using expressions and equations to represent real-world situations.

Your child will factor polynomials; simplify complex expressions; solve single-variable rational, radical, absolute value, and quadratic equations; use quadratic and exponential functions to model vertical motion and growth/decay applications, respectively. Sound a bit dry? It’s anything but! Your child will create a tutorial video à la Khan Academy, perform a musical rendition of the quadratic formula, and make art by graphing functions (maybe Notre Dame, maybe Snoopy on his doghouse).    

IMAGe II Honors is the second year of an integrated algebra and geometry curriculum. Along with all the Algebra IB skills, IMAGe adds piecewise functions, relationships and proofs with triangles, quadrilaterals, and circles, and right triangle trigonometry. Every class is discussion-based. Open-ended questions enable student pairs to find unique ways to solve the same problem. Members of the IMAGe II class thrive on challenges that allow them to shine in a group of high-level thinkers.  

By the end of eighth grade, Algebra IB and 1B Honors students will be well-prepared for high school Geometry, while IMAGe II students will be ready to tackle Algebra II/Trigonometry. 

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