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Spiritual Learners

Spiritual formation is a lifelong journey, and the middle school years can be some of the most transformative. Children begin to transition from reflecting the belief systems of their parents to embracing their own understanding of God and His role in our lives. We believe that a foundation in faith offers a framework for making good decisions, and it gives children resilience and hope during tough times. At school, students learn about God and Jesus in weekly Chapel.

They gain a perspective on how God wants us to live by listening to daily devotionals. In fifth grade Bible class, through an interactive curriculum that invites inquiry and discussion, students will explore the question “what is the Bible?” Your child will discover the overarching narrative and structure of scripture—especially the idea that God keeps rescuing people who keep running away from him.  

Every teacher at ROBS has professed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. But that doesn’t mean our faculty hold identical religious beliefs. Our views are as varied as the churches we attend. Because teachers and students openly discuss spiritual matters at school, your child may come home talking about what she heard in Chapel or Bible class. We encourage parents to use these moments to have conversations with your children about your own religious views and those of your religious community. 

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