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There’s no better way to energize children about science than through hands-on learning that’s clearly connected to the real world. The fifth-grade general science curriculum gives students a taste of what’s to come in Earth Science (6th grade), Life Science (7th grade), and Physics and Chemistry (8th grade). 

How do you make the parts of a plant cell unforgettable? Build a model using treats like fruit roll-ups for the Golgi apparatus and green sprinkles for the chloroplasts. Students will distinguish between physical and chemical changes by making—and perhaps eating—s’mores. Fashioning water filters out of styrofoam cups, cotton balls, and coffee filters will enable fifth graders to consider the impact people are having on the earth. Your child will learn about the relationship between potential and kinetic energy by constructing a rollercoaster of pipe insulation and testing it with marbles. The final project of the year explores a modern-day science challenge: Can humans make it to Mars? Students will research the Red Planet, choose a purpose for their mission, consider possible landing sites, and design and prototype a Rover. Your child is beginning to realize that his possibilities are as vast as the universe. 

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