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Inspired Artists 

Your child holds a brush in each fist as she layers one color on top of another, fascinated by how the colors change as her painting becomes a dark, muddied mass. On the other side of the easel, her friend covers her paper with large spirals of red. (Imagine Mark Rothko on one side, Cy Twombly on the other.) 



Discovery students relish time to paint, to sculpt, and to draw, free of any fear that they might make a mistake. Through art, your child exercises imagination, experiences cause and effect, practices repetition, and discovers how parts relate to the whole. At the same time, he is getting ready to write! Little hands need many opportunities to touch, feel, grasp, pinch, hold, manipulate, and move through different textures and surfaces. By doing so, children are building the motor skills and range of motion they will need to form letters soon. Perhaps their creative genius is being unleashed, too. 

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