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A foundation in faith offers kids a framework for making good decisions, and it gives them hope and resilience when the going gets tough. ROBS students learn about God and Jesus in Bible class and weekly Chapel. They study the major people, places, and events in the Old and New Testaments, and they gain a perspective on how God wants us to live by listening to daily devotionals based on scripture.

The first grade Bible curriculum includes a study of the creation story in Genesis, the book of Judges, and ancient prophets and kings like Samuel, Saul, David, and Solomon. New Testament lessons include the gospels, the Sermon on the Mount, and the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer. History comes to life in our Bible classroom, and fast-paced games of Bible Trivia capture kids’ attention, especially those who thrive on friendly competition. 

Your child also will be surrounded by prayer at school, from a morning prayer to begin the day to words of thanksgiving before lunch. At any time, children can ask their teachers and friends to pray for someone they love like an ailing grandparent or an injured pet. First graders even write and illustrate prayers based on Daniel Kirk’s book, A Prayer for the Animals. While first graders research an animal for their zoo unit, they stretch their empathy by imagining a prayer from the animal’s point of view. Speaking as a gazelle, for example, your child may thank God for his speedy legs and the grassy savanna, and he may ask for protection from hunters and predators. The exercise reminds every first grader that all living things – including us – are part of God’s magnificent creation.  

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