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Our fine arts program is designed to introduce young students to all art forms, with an emphasis on process over product in the early grades. But don’t be fooled: Your first grader will produce works of art that will become treasured keepsakes and memories. In twice weekly music class, she will study rhythm and melody and learn to sing in “head voice.”

As tension builds in Edvard Grieg’s evocative “In the Hall of the Mountain King,” your child will recognize what makes performances memorable and how music can tell a story. The musical pinnacle of first grade is Grandparents & Special Friends Day, when your child will experience the jitters and joys of live performance, sweetened by the presence of the people he loves most. 

Weekly visits to the Lower School art studio will be no less rewarding. Your child will study and emulate original abstract artists like Alma Woodsey Thomas. He will discover that art can be used as an expression of faith, and he will sculpt a treasured gift for you to symbolize what Christmas means to him. (Shh, it’s a surprise!) Art will be one of the many ways your child learns that God bestows gifts to each of us. Our job is to use them for the good of our community and for His glory.

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