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Master Mathematicians

If you want a child to master math, teach it in a purposeful and playful way. We know that “hands on” is “brains on.” Using Everyday Math as a starting point, students proceed through a continuous spiral of practicing important foundational skills and regularly revisiting previously learned concepts. 

Whether the topic is computation, measurement, fractions, geometry, time, money, or interpreting data, first graders grow in understanding through tangible objects such as base 10 blocks and content-focused games like Beat the Calculator and Top It. Your child will also explore mathematical building and modeling to deepen, strengthen, and extend his understanding of the structures of numbers, shapes, and measurement systems. Enrichment activities stretch thinking by requiring students to apply their skills to unfamiliar problems, and books like How Big is a Foot? and The Warlord’s Beads add real-world context to math concepts. No wonder math becomes a favorite subject for so many of our first graders!

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