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One of the best parts of first grade? Finally frequenting the Lower School science lab. Every surface of the room is covered in treasures: nests, rocks, bones, honeycombs…. Perhaps nothing fuels our students’ love of geology, astronomy, and biology more than their joyful adventures in science class. 

In alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards, your first grader will tackle units on sound and light, outer space, and plants and animals. He will study motion by watching controlled collisions and observe vibration by plunging a tuning fork into water and rice. In your child’s first research project of the year, he will contribute to a class book on the solar system by creating a page about the sun, moon, planets, stars, or comets. (Be sure to travel through the first grade hallway to get a glimpse of the cosmos.) She will use a Venn diagram to compare a pill bug to a Bess beetle. First grade Science culminates in an in-depth study of wild animals, celebrated with a colorful exhibit that encapsulates the effort and excellence of this magical year. 

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