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The arts play an essential role in our curriculum. Kids unleash creativity while learning the value of practice and self-discipline. And they grow in confidence and poise as they overcome the butterflies associated with public performance. From delivering classroom presentations to anchoring the KROB news, your fourth grader is gaining courage before her classmates and the camera. All this practice culminates in the artistic pinnacle of the Lower School years: a Broadway-style musical.

Fourth graders embark on a journey of self-discovery as tentative first steps give way to a bold blend of acting, singing, and choreography. Students who were born for the stage get a chance to shine, and shyer kids blossom in unexpected ways. Our fearless fourth graders even prevailed through a pandemic to produce an unforgettable Zoom rendition of Willy Wonka  

In the art studio, your child will learn about color theory using primary colors to discover secondary and tertiary colors. Frida Kahlo will inspire fourth graders to create a self-portrait—showing only their shoes. (Think cowboy boots, baseball cleats, or ballet slippers.) A favorite food—perhaps a plate of spaghetti or a slice of pie—will become the subject of playful clay pop art in the style of Wayne Thiebaud. Through robust arts programming, we aim for every young mind to become a broad canvas of enlightened and creative thinking, and for every ROBS student to see the world with more beauty, curiosity, and awe. 

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