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As much as we emphasize the building of knowledge, ROBS is just as intent on building children’s character and faith. People are spiritual beings. From our earliest years, we ponder existential questions like how we came to be, where did the moon and stars come from, and what happens when people we love die. Of course, you are your child’s most important spiritual teacher. 

At ROBS, our goal is to join you on that journey. In Bible class, your Kindergarten child will be introduced to a Biblical framework for answering life’s big questions. Through the pages of the Bible, she will meet people like Noah, Abraham, Joseph, and Moses. She will learn that Jesus taught through parables like the stories of the Good Samaritan and the Lost Son. He will hear the timeless stories of Jesus’ birth, baptism, death, and resurrection. By the end of your child’s Kindergarten year, he will hear many times that the Bible is one big story of God’s unending love for us—and hopefully he will begin to feel it, too.

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