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The developed world has evolved from the agricultural economy to the industrial economy to the knowledge economy. What comes next? Many say it’s the innovation economy. Global challenges like clean energy, sustainable infrastructure, and clean water and sanitation urgently call for creative solutions. Careers in computer science, engineering, chemistry, biology, and math—the STEM fields—are likely to see continued growth. 

So we dream up opportunities for students to experiment and invent with their futures in mind. Designing and building a race car will teach your child about the parts of the car, how they fit together, and what happens when the car goes downhill. He will create a musical instrument out of recycled materials, just like the real-life protagonist in Ada’s Violin. Student-driven research encourages independent thinking and the pursuit of passion projects. If your child starts treating your toolbox like a toybox, we consider that a win.

River Oaks Baptist School: Christian School Houston Texas

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