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ROBS graduates are wanted by the best high schools in Houston and by some of the nation’s best boarding schools. Choosing that school is a big deal. And we delight in supporting our soon-to-be graduates and their families throughout their transition.

Our High School Counseling Office partners with families before the application process even begins. From personalized counseling sessions and mock admission interviews to monthly emails with important reminders and upcoming deadlines, we equip our students and their parents to tackle the process with confidence and, dare we say, excitement.

High School Application Process

Parent Preview Meetings
The High School Counseling team hosts an end-of-the-year meeting with seventh grade parents to outline what parents can expect the following year. Once students begin eighth grade, another meeting gives parents more detailed information.

Personalized Student Profile Form
Students are encouraged to complete a student profile form, which helps them begin to consider how their personality, extracurricular interests, and educational goals align with potential high school options.

Parent Counseling Session
The next step is participating in a one-on-one parent counseling session with one of our high school counselors. These individual meetings provide parents time to discuss their hopes, review the student profile form, and talk about which schools may be a good fit for their family.

ROBS Alumni Panels
The High School Counseling team does its best to ensure that students understand their options. One way we do this is through our alumni panels. Recent ROBS alumni meet with our eighth graders to discuss their high school experiences, and current students can ask questions about what each school is really like.

High School Visits
During the fall, families are encouraged to attend on campus tours and events hosted by a variety of high schools. In addition, ROBS takes eighth graders on field trips to several Houston-area schools. There’s nothing like spending time on campus, meeting members of the faculty and staff, and interacting with current students to give both parents and students a sense of each school’s values, priorities, and culture.

Monthly Emails & Info Hub
We go the extra mile to ensure families feel well-informed about the high school admission process. In the fall, parents begin receiving a monthly email with upcoming deadlines, events, and important reminders. The emails provide such helpful information that some ROBS parents forward them to friends whose children attend other schools. Up-to-date information is also accessible at all times on our online High School Counseling Info Hub.

The Waiting Game
Once applications have been submitted, the wait begins. While waiting is hard, the High School Counseling team offers constant support during this phase.

Year after year, our students have excellent high school choices. Our goal is for our kids to matriculate into the schools they want to attend. It brings us great joy to see them thrive wherever they land.

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