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Inspired Artists

The tools of the trade for our PreK artists include the usual suspects: crayons, markers, paint, easels, oil pastels, colored paper, collage materials, and glue. More surprisingly, students also create with objects scavenged from the playground such as flowers, leaves, and acorns, and items from our “loose parts” lab like shells, corks, and pebbles. 


Our PreK art curriculum spans the globe, integrating art and music inspired by artists from the pre-Columbian age to the present. After discovering how Michelangelo painted the magnificent frescoes of the Sistine Chapel, your child will lie beneath a table to create her own upside-down masterpiece while listening to the melodies of Renaissance madrigals. French folk songs set the mood for your child to make Seurat-style pointillism, painting autumn leaves with crumpled aluminum foil for our impressionism exhibit. The strumming of Spanish classical guitar will transport your child to the cobbled streets of Barcelona, where he will saturate watercolor paper in shades of blue, like Picasso during his Blue Period. While listening to lyrical jazz, your child will construct imaginative collages like those of influential African American artist Romare Bearden. Whether students are flinging paint onto a huge canvas à la Jackson Pollock or creating wooden bas-reliefs with found objects, our PreK artists revel in the open-ended process of discovery, experimentation, and creativity. 

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