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Young children need reading to help them learn about writing, and they need writing to help them learn about reading. That idea anchors our PreK literacy program, which provides the building blocks of reading and writing at just the right pace for each child. While we work hard so students learn letters and sounds, our approach uses wonderful children’s literature by authors like Mo Willems and Ezra Keats as the centerpiece.

Your child’s teacher will share a spellbinding “book of the week” with the class, pointing to each enlarged word as she reads and guiding conversations about word choice and the meaning of the text. After hearing the book several times, each child will receive a copy of the book to practice reading independently or in small groups. Your PreK child is learning to track print, use illustrations to anticipate text, and recognize simple words. Don’t be surprised if one day your child proudly announces, “I can read all by myself!”

Your PreK child also will delight in writing and illustrating multi-page stories. Our PreK writing workshop encourages bookmaking, with the goal of leading children to a lifetime of joyful writing. Your child will be gently guided as he explores the characteristics of compelling text and engaging illustration. Some children write works of nonfiction, teaching their classmates about dogs or dinosaurs. Others choose personal narratives such as the true story of “Bo’s Birthday Party.” Many exciting works of fiction feature superheroes, unicorns, monsters, or princesses. Whatever your child’s favorite genre, all our PreK writers are filled with stories to tell and experiences to share. 

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