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Curious Scientists

Deep scientific inquiry and critical thinking can’t be rushed. That’s why our PreK students devote a month of study to nine broad categories about our fascinating world. In “Where We Live,” your child will consider the man-made and natural environments that we call home: houses, skyscrapers, parks, bayous, and much more. 


As your child studies transportation, he will learn about vehicles of land, sea, and sky, the community helpers who operate them, and the freeways, roads, and bridges that make travel possible. In “Creepy Crawlies,” your child will come eye-to-eye with the living creatures in our garden. What do snails, caterpillars, and roly-polies need to survive? How are their bodies designed to function in their environment? In “Water Everywhere,” your child will explore the properties and uses of water, thinking critically about freezing and melting, sinking and floating, and weather phenomena like clouds, rain, and snow. With so much to discover about the world around us, we will run out of school days before your child runs out of scientific questions.

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