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Confident Communicators

To become a confident communicator, a child must become a competent communicator. In fact, confidence and competence form a feedback loop, each reinforcing the other. That’s why we intentionally structure small, safe opportunities for students to speak and perform. 

Little ones begin by acting out scenes from a favorite book, presenting show-and-tell treasures, or offering classmates clues as to what’s in the “mystery bag.” Your child’s confidence will swell as he performs in a special Chapel service for the entire Preschool. The pinnacle is sure to be the annual Grandparents and Special Friends Day extravaganza–a much-anticipated chance for students to showcase their talents to a vast audience of adoring fans. Whether your child is shy or bold, introverted or extroverted, she will experience transformational growth as a communicator throughout her Preschool years. 

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