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Inspired Artists

Teachers say that art encourages fine motor skills, neural development, and problem-solving abilities. Therapists say that art allows children to process their world and to deal with strong emotions in a safe way. Artists say that art is valuable for its own sake—for beauty, expression, and the process of creating. Kids say that art is fun. We agree. 


Art is an essential part of the Readiness experience for all these reasons. Your child will create representational art by pasting shapes together to make a house. She will dabble in abstract art by painting with watercolors. He will make colorful prints with leaves, fruits, and vegetables. We know that integrating art projects into lessons about other subjects deepens children’s powers of observation and understanding. Art doesn’t just make learning fun; it makes learning stick.

Self-portraits are an eloquent form of self-expression for young children. More detailed features begin to emerge as children move through the preschool years. 

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