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Curious Scientists

“Every kid starts out as a natural-born scientist,” said astronomer Carl Sagan. Our Readiness students prove that every day. Interdisciplinary units rich in science, math, social studies, and literacy energize young students’ curiosity about the wonders of the world. During the study of colors, students will chart their favorite colors to explore the idea that people have both commonalities and differences. Your child will experience color mixing by melting tinted ice cubes in water of a different hue.  

He will explore physical science by building ramps, squirting water, and pounding plastic nails. Studies of weather and the seasons will introduce your child to earth and space science. And as the seasons change, she will learn about life cycles by studying pumpkins on the vine, bears in hibernation, and the first shoots of flowers emerging from the soil. Our Readiness science program nurtures the idea that God has packaged some of His most miraculous gifts to us in the shape of our beautiful planet. 

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