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Curious Scientists 

In the Discovery program as in life, science is a way of thinking: observing, questioning, predicting, experimenting, collaborating, discovering, and marveling at the world around us. Our Discovery playground, right outside the classroom door, allows your child to witness some of the mysteries and miracles of God’s beautiful creation. 



Grapes form and ripen on the vine. Wispy cirrus clouds give way to fluffy cumulus cotton balls. A caterpillar spins a chrysalis and emerges a butterfly. Your child’s teachers are quick to reward his curiosity, perhaps placing a newly discovered ladybug into a magnified bug viewer for a closer look. Even the water table on the playground yields endless (and sometimes messy) discoveries about the properties of matter, with teachers adding different materials depending on the season. When I push an apple beneath the water, why does it bob back up? What happens when I submerge a sponge and then squeeze it? How do I make bubbles…and what happens when they pop? This is how nurturing a child’s love of nature begins.

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