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In their second-grade year, children’s reading and writing skills experience an explosion of growth. Your child will learn to read with stamina and purpose, applying new habits and strategies before, during, and after reading. She will make predictions and mental images, search for descriptive language and context clues, and recognize a book’s characters, problem, and solution.

Your second grader will be able to distinguish fiction from non-fiction and facts from opinions. He will learn that fairytales from around the world share common elements, and he can articulate what fairytales can teach us about ourselves and our world. He will sample biographies and draw inspiration and courage from the tragedies and triumphs of others. Your child will undertake an author study of Mem Fox, award-winning author of Koala Lou, Willifred Gordon McDonald Partridge, and Harriet, You’ll Drive Me Wild. In a prelude to a lifetime of book clubs, she will learn how readers share, recommend, and criticize books. He will dive into poetry, discovering that poems capture powerful thoughts in tiny packages. 

As second graders’ reading skills are blossoming, so are their writing skills. On day one, your child will begin a writing journal that will chronicle his growth as writer this year. He will examine his life experience to write vividly about a long-held secret. She will draw on her senses to paint a story about “my perfect spot” in words and watercolor. He’ll write “The Animal in Me,” a free verse poem packed with metaphor and self-reflection. Your second grader will express her burgeoning sense of humor in clever writing assignments such as “How to Drive Your Mom Wild” and, just in time for Mother’s Day, “What Moms Can’t Do.” 

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