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Students may read about social injustice in history class, but singing, painting, or enacting it on stage can change the way they see the world. The arts serve as a pathway to empathy, creativity, problem-solving, and resiliency. We aim for students to leave ROBS as knowledgeable, literate, and life-long appreciators of art in all its forms.

More than “end result” performances and projects, students learn how to reflect on their world and their place in it by experiencing art. As they work together in arts classes, students build relationships. As they engage in arts classes, they immerse themselves in sounds, sights, and lives different than their own. As they struggle with a skill, concept, or delivery, leaning into the cycle of fail-adjust-try again-repeat, they finally experience success. We want your child to try her hand at both studio and performing art. Serious artists also will have opportunities to study their chosen artform at a much deeper level. Your child will have five trimester blocks of art electives. She may opt for five one-trimester courses or one year-long class of Premiere Choir, Orchestra, or Yearbook plus two one-trimester courses. Trimester courses may change from time to time but are likely to include options such as Choir, Orchestra, 2D Art, 3D Art, Art Intensive, Musical, Musical Theatre Intensive, One Act Play, Theatre Intensive, Speech and Debate, Graphics/Movie Making, Coding/Robotics, Maker Space, Innovation, Digital Art, and Capstone. Our rich array of arts offerings are made possible by the extraordinary new arts spaces in the Mosing Middle School Building.    

2020-21 Arts Offerings

Premiere Choir (full year):  This ensemble of singers will focus on healthy singing, ear training, and singing with accuracy of pitch and rhythm.  Students will learn harmony and blending with other voices.  This premier choir of our school will prepare music of different styles for various concerts, graduation, and community opportunities.   

Orchestra (full year):  This instrumental ensemble is designed for students with prior experience playing an instrument.  Students will focus on correct technique, sound production, music literacy, and playing in a group setting.  The orchestra will prepare music for performances at different concerts and community opportunities.   

2D Art (trimester):  This course will explore two-dimensional lessons including painting, collage, drawing, and printmaking.  Projects will span the spectrum of styles.   

3D Art (trimester):  Students will learn to express themselves creatively through sculpture, metalwork, and clay in order to develop art skills and concepts. Composition, technique, the elements and principles of design, and attention-to-detail are a focus of this course.   

Art Intensive (trimester):  This course is for the serious art student who wants a more in-depth, immersive study in art.  Projects and areas of study may be both 2D and 3D Art.   

Musical (trimester):  This class is designed for the singer/ actor/ dancer who enjoys musical productions.  The class will culminate in a performance and outside rehearsals are expected.  We will work around the athletic calendar for rehearsals and the musicals will be announced once the class is determined.    

One Act Play (trimester):  This course is designed for student actors who enjoy non-musical productions.  Smaller in nature than the large productions, students will hone their character development skills.  The class will culminate in a performance and outside rehearsals are expected.  We will work around the athletic calendar for rehearsals and the play will be announced once the class is determined.    

Theater Intensive (trimester):  This non-performance class is designed for the serious student who wants an in-depth study of acting.  Scene work, monologues, and character development will be the focus of study.  Placement is determined by Fine Arts Faculty. 

Musical Theatre Intensive (trimester):  This class is an exploration of American Musical Theatre.  Students will study the work of the actor/ singer/ dancer and use their gained knowledge to develop as performers.  Students will prepare and present as soloists as well as members of small groups and larger ensembles.    

Speech and Debate (trimester):  This is an introductory course that covers a variety of styles of public speaking and formal debate.  Each unit will culminate in performance assignments that require students to demonstrate their abilities within the classroom setting. 

Digital Art (trimester):  This is an introductory course to digital art which will allow students to learn basic graphic design utilizing various computer platforms.  Students will learn and apply the elements and principles of design to produce creative projects.   

Yearbook (full year):  This is a publication class where students will use desktop publishing tools to create yearbook spreads. Responsibility and the ability to work independently to meet deadlines are required. Class placement is subject to approval by Fine Arts Faculty. 

Maker Space (trimester):  Students will expand upon the skills learned in Maker Space 1.  A special emphasis of this course will be designing advanced objects using 3D printers and Micro:bit. 

Coding/Robotics (trimester): This class will introduce different programming languages to students and expand on game design concepts.  Students will make game controllers and use robots to operate games they design. 

Graphics/Movie Making (trimester):  In this course, students will use tools available within Adobe Cloud to create movies and animated characters. 

Innovation (trimester):  This course for will explore innovation, creation, and collaboration to stretch students’ critical thinking muscles while using technology to create projects.   

Capstone (trimester):  This course for will develop skills in pursuing in-depth, self-directed projects.  Students will be introduced to project management techniques, design thinking, and collaborative processes.   

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