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Numbers have long been important in managing life, but they have never been as ubiquitous as they are today. Computers catalyzed that change, creating the seemingly endless ability to gather, process, and disseminate quantitative information. This powerful tool has brought unprecedented access to quantitative data, but in so doing it also has filled life with a sometimes bewildering array of numbers that can cause confusion rather than clarity. 

So our students must learn to interpret numbers for themselves. ROBS offers three seventh-grade math courses: Algebra IA, Algebra IA Honors, and IMAGe (Integrated Mathematics: Algebra and Geometry). Both Algebra IA and Algebra IA Honors are the first half of a two-year Algebra I program which lays the foundation for nearly all higher-level mathematics. The level course uses more direct instruction, problem-solving, and repetition to reach mastery of math skills, while the honors-level course incorporates more independent learning and advanced application of mathematical concepts. Students will continue to develop and apply problem-solving and critical-thinking skills involving expressions, equations, and applications. As functions-based courses, both cover operations with integers and polynomials; solving multi-step linear equations and inequalities in one and two variables; graphing and analyzing linear functions; and limited topics in probability, statistics, and geometry. IMAGe I Honors is the integration of algebra and geometry. It consists of Algebra IA skills, along with the fundamentals of geometry, including transformations, congruence, constructions, and proofs. Whichever math course your child takes, she will engage in interesting projects like graphing the Astros logo and converting pictures to line art on a graph. All classes incorporate memory-boosting movement through “block walks” and math problems completed in circuits. When students come across new terms or unfamiliar problems, they will be encouraged to “ask the Google” or do their own research first. Your child’s capacity to learn independently is accelerating. 

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