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Spiritual Learners

We believe that for children, the starting point for answers to life’s biggest questions is their own family. You are the most important teacher, spiritual influence, and role model for your child. 

At school, we also approach these questions from a Christian perspective with ecumenical messages such as these:

  • God created the entire universe, even us.
  • Jesus died for our sins so we can live forever with God.
  • God gave each of us special gifts and talents, and we should use them to glorify Him.
  • God is love. We can show our love for God by loving and serving others.


Your child will be surrounded by messages about faith through daily devotionals, time for prayer, weekly Chapel services, advisory lessons, and Bible class. The big idea underpinning the sixth grade Bible curriculum is “who is God?” Students will explore how the Bible paints one big story of God’s eternal love for us. By looking closely at some of 700 names attributed to God in scripture such as Healer, Shepherd, Provider, and Peace, your child will examine the character of God, broaden her view of Him, and consider why He is worthy of worship. And throughout her years at ROBS, she will be encouraged to ask deep questions about faith and to form connections between Biblical principles and situations that arise in her own life.  

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