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Maya Angelou said, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” In other words, creativity works like a muscle: By producing original ideas and connecting unrelated dots in unexpected ways, students expand their capacity for even more creativity. But the only way to practice creativity is by doing. That’s why our Middle School students have more opportunities than ever to exercise their creativity.

With stunning spaces for orchestra, choral music, theater, digital arts, and studio art, the distinctive Mosing Middle School Building reflects a new level of commitment to the arts at ROBS. Your sixth grader will have two elective periods in which to flex her creative muscles. All sixth graders are enrolled in Choir and Orchestra, giving them exposure to a wide range of musical pursuits. In addition, students rotate through Theater, Visual Art, and Maker Space. Beyond the classroom, sixth graders also may audition for our annual Variety Show, which showcases Middle School students’ artistic talents. Their performances before 800 of their peers and teachers are displays of poise, resilience, and courage.  

Beginning Choir: This ensemble of singers will focus on healthy singing, ear training, and singing with accurate pitch and rhythm. Students will learn harmony and blending with other voices. This choir will prepare music of different styles for various concerts and community performances.   

Beginning Orchestra: This instrumental ensemble is designed for the beginning string player and will focus on choosing an instrument, posture, using the bow, reading music, and ensemble performance skills. The orchestra will prepare music for performances at different concerts and community events.   

Visual Art: Students will explore a variety of media as they continue to build their skills in drawing, painting, and sculpture. Studying accomplished artists and major works of art as well as completing projects in the studio will illuminate ideas about color, perspective, and design.   

Theatre: Students will learn basic stage directions, effective stage movement, and working from a script as they improve focus, increase vocal and physical expression, and overcome performance jitters. Lessons will begin with knowing yourself and telling your story, shift to telling someone else’s story, and culminate with focused and effective storytelling with an audience.    

Maker Space 1: Students will be introduced to the concepts of being a Maker and building the skill set required to take an idea from concept to completion.   

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