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Studies show that for children, personal religious belief translates into less drug, alcohol, and tobacco use, better sleep quality, lower rates of depression and suicide, and greater hopefulness and life satisfaction. Rooted in our mission, ROBS imparts abiding Christian values through every facet of our curriculum. 

Your third grader will start each day with a devotional, attend Chapel and Bible class weekly, and pray daily, all while surrounded by messages about strong character. In Bible class, third graders study the creation story and man’s fall from grace. Your child will hear what happened when Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery. (Now that’s sibling rivalry of Biblical proportions.) Through Moses, he will learn about the exodus to Egypt, the ten plagues, the Israelites’ return to Canaan, and the lengths to which people—and God—will go to protect their children. New Testament lessons begin with Jesus’ birth and what it means for Christians. Your third grader will study Jesus’ life and ministry, along with his teachings and tumult at the temple. Students will unpack parables and practice forgiveness. They will consider the concept of worry and how Jesus can relieve our burdens. Perhaps most importantly, your child will think about what’s most important to God: how to love the Lord above all else, and others as ourselves. 

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