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A shift takes place in third grade Social Studies as students begin a more intense focus on History. Using augmented reality to learn about Native Americans, your child will sense that he is walking through an Indian camp observing the daily life of the tribe. Your child will imagine a conversation between two European explorers and use the “Storyboard That” program to generate a comic strip of their dialogue. 

In Texas, state history is an educational rite of passage that will take your child on an historical adventure across the diverse regions of the Lone Star State. But the unquestionable highlight of third grade Social Studies—and a favorite day in the life of every ROBS student—is the much-anticipated “Greek Day.” More a month than a day, the Greek unit allows third graders to dive into mythology, exploring the fantasy world of gods, goddesses, demi-gods, and monsters. After careful investigation (and changing their minds a few times), students choose a character as the subject of in-depth research. The writing capstone project includes an opinion piece on why they chose their character, persuasive writing on why their character should be allowed to stay on Mount Olympus (or not), and a playful exploration based on the character’s personality traits for “Would this god/goddess be my friend?” “Greek Day” is so much more than a day; it is exuberant, memorable learning at its best. Your child is learning to learn. 

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